How Do I Know If I am Polyamorous?

Monogamy just never made much sense. Humans have the capacity to love without limit. Why should you be allowed to love only one person? Why should you have to lie to yourself, or lie to those you love?

Polyamory is about love, relations… not only sex. And… about reasonable approach. Can you imagine having more different relationships? It does not matter if they should be equal, hierarchical… whatever. And… can you imagine giving the same freedom to your partners? It means that your partners have the same rights like you?

It has nothing to do with being afraid of committing to a relationship. A polyamorous person may have several long term, committed relationships at one time. How is that a fear of commitment?

Now, how do you know you are polyamorous? That is up to you to determine. Learn about what it means to practice ethical non-monogamy. If it sounds like something you want to try, then find other like-minded people and see what happens From there.

If you mean that you don’t know if you’re accepting or open to the possibility of having such a relationship then I suggest you take your time to ponder it by yourself. You could join the polyamorous dating site and read about other peoples experience and ask any questions you have. I guess you could go ahead and try and create/be part of a polyamorous relationship but honestly.